See what Collewijn History in Games can do for your game

We offer you one free tailor-made historical product as an introduction without further obligations. Here are a few examples of the historical products you can get for free:

  • A historical article with close relation to your game that can be posted on your games social media, Facebook for example.
  • Historically researched information to enrich your game script.
  • Maybe you are interested in historical images which can be of value to your artwork.

But also other historical stuff is possible, it depends on what kind of game you are making and which phase of development you are in. This onetime free service is intended for both small and big game development companies which have their game in very early development phase to post-release phase.

This will be a tailor-made product so let’s get in touch with each other to discuss wishes and possibilities. Go to the contact form here, and fill in which and what kind of game you are making and in which development phase you are at the moment. After that we will get in touch with you to discuss further details.