Historical Background For Your Game

This information can range from the big picture overview of a time period to the smallest detail like the specific parameters of an ancient sword.

Historical Check of Your Gamescript

Collewijn can check the historical information in your script. He will verify that your facts are accurate and provide suggestions on adding or leaving out certain historical information.

Historical Support Material

Collewijn can provide authentic images, movies and renderings of your game theme to support your artwork and make your game come alive with historically accurate support material.

Historical Web Content

On your game website Collewijn History in Games can regularly post stories of the past relating to the historical setting of your game.

Product Placement

Through a wide network of contacts Collewijn can connect your game to events with the same historical setting, such as festivals, reenactments and shows.

Education and Background

Collewijn History in Games can also provide in-person presentations from your games’ time period for your development team. This is very useful during the early phase of game development as it provides team members with a good background of the time period and provides them with background and sources for specific historical information. They will learn where to look for sources related to the game theme. This frees them to focus on gameplay and game development.

Historical Accuracy

Collewijn will make your game more historically accurate and connect your game with the historical world.

Documentation Provided

Collewijn History in Games can put all the historical sources that are used for the game in a proper academic type overview to be placed on the website or in the game manual, so the credibility of your game being historically accurate will be well established.

Balancing History and Gameplay

Playability is often more important than getting every historical detail told. Collewijn can help you with balancing history and gameplay making your game mechanics playable while maintaining a historical interesting game.