Early development phase

Even during the earliest planning phases, Collewijn History in Games can provide value to the development process. When the game’s script and story lines are being written, Collewijn can research the specific time period for your game and supply not only general history but also specific historical figures, images, language characters and artifacts. In addition, Collewijn History in Games can also research the public view of the historical period involved. How the history of that time period is perceived is important knowledge, along with what people get right about a particular time in history and what facts they’re missing. You will know what your potential game customer knows and how they view that particular time period. You will have a general overview of the history of that era and Collewijn can supply you with supporting material that includes historical drawings, photos, movies, and paintings. That research can include historically accurate stories and character bios which also lend authenticity to your game. Taken together this provides a strong base of material to produce a more realistic and accurate game script and storyline.

Middle development phase

When the art team is doing its job, Collewijn can provide it with detailed historical information, including how characters would have looked, the structures of the day, and the height, design and composition of fortifications. For example, want to know what a particular army looked like going into battle and typical formations for attack and defense? No problem! You can get all the detail you need down to its uniforms, banners, weapons, tactics and battlefield strategies. By including these direct historical details and images in your game your players will know they’re playing a game based on historical reality.

Late and post development phase

When the game is in pre-release, and after the game is officially released, Collewijn can write historical content for your game website with topics related to your game. Using a tank game as an example, Collewijn can provide authentic tank stories for your website. For example, the history, design and development of a particular tank, the story of an actual battlefield commander, or great tank battle. These authentic stories and details will bring traffic to your website and keep your gaming customers interested in the game and the game website. They will understand that you take history seriously and it will motivate them to engage this period of history through your game.

Historical events

Another marketing feature Collewijn History in Games can provide is getting your game advertising into the right events for promotion. For example if your game has a medieval setting, Collewijn can get your game promoted at medieval events like festivals and fairs.

Ready to work

As an actual historian, Maarten Collewijn has access to archives, museums and libraries that contain the best information for your game and are not always available outside scholarly circles. He can rewrite and order all the information and support materials you need for your game in ‘ready to work’ format so your development team can implement all this history easily in the game itself.